Kambe Eyelashes No. 23

  • $ 17.99

- All false eye lashes are 100% hand assembled to provide a natural look and feel.
- FREE SHIPPING on USA orders.

These handmade lashes offer a natural lightness and flutter to your lashes. As you bat your eye lashes, the whimsical extensions will flow gently behind and add a level of allure and mystic to every wink. Many of the underlying lashes are of lighter coloring and gently fill in with your natural lashes to provide ideal levels of fullness without too much attention or drama. Several longer, darker lashes poke out across the lash line for a little bit of drama but, overall, Kambe Lash set no. 23 is something that you can feel comfortable wearing on a daily basis. You can make any look extraordinary and highlight the natural beauty of your eyes.

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