Kambe Eyelashes No. 33

  • $ 19.99


- Includes 10 pairs of Kambe false eyelashes in every box.
- All false eye lashes are 100% hand assembled to provide a natural look and feel.
- FREE SHIPPING on USA orders.

Very fine lashes criss-cross slightly extending the length of your own lash line while keeping a fairly even length across the tip of the set. Not too thick, these lashes convey delicate elegance suitable for an upscale evening out or entertaining company representatives at home with an exquisite dinner party. Enchant your guests as you confidently bat your breathtakingly long eyelashes at them. As light as a feather, these lashes will feel as if they are an extension of your very own lashes. You’ll be surprised at the amount of confidence and sex appeal you feel when you wear eyelashes that make you look glamorous.

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