Welcome to Kambe Lashes!

Kambe Lashes welcomes you explore the wide variety of glamorous looks you can achieve by wearing our false eyelashes. Eyes are truly the window to the soul. Frame them with the seductive beauty of any number of our false eyelash sets. Cultivate an aura of mystery by keeping everyone guessing – whatever your emotion or mood may be, express it today with our high quality lashes. Wide-eyed and innocent. Seductive and smoky-eyed. Glamorously divine diva. Show the world what you feel inside by framing your eyes to match your mood. Not only false eyelashes, we now have make ups to enhance your beauty!

Our Mission

We believe every woman should be able to express her beauty however she wants at an affordable price. Every woman has unique beauty needs and desires. We strive to accommodate these wants and needs with a generous variety of eyelashes in different styles. We constantly monitor beauty trends, always seeking new and innovative eyelash expressions in order to provide you with a one-stop source for all of your false eyelash need. We want every woman to feel confident!


You only have two eyes, so we believe that what you put right up against them needs to be of the highest quality available. With the highest quality lashes you also receive a certain degree of safety which you can count on. Protect your eyes by only using the safest eyelashes available on the market. Give your self a time to enhance your beauty by using our high quality cosmetics!

Customer Service

Customers are the backbone of our business. We’re here to fill all of your false eyelash needs. Never hesitate to call or contact us with a question or comment. We’ll be delighted to hear from you and will strive to our utmost ability to satisfy your needs and ensure that you are truly happy.


We’re proud to be able to offer you a wide selection of false eyelashes direct from our website to your door. You can also find our false eyelashes at salons, boutique shops, and used by professionals worldwide. Also, we have new collection of make ups with discount on your first purchase!