Kambe Eyelashes No. 30

  • $ 19.99

- Includes 10 pairs of Kambe false eyelashes in every box.
- All false eye lashes are 100% hand assembled to provide a natural look and feel.

Thick and long, these lashes are designed specifically for when you want to cultivate the smoky eye look. The individual lashes vary slightly in length with some longer than others creating a uniquely natural look. These are the lashes you choose to wear when you're feeling extra seductive and want to create the ever-elusive mysterious and dusky look. While thick and luxurious in appearance, these lashes are still feather-light, so much so you'll hardly notice them at all. Simply apply these eyelashes to your eyelids and you'll instantly be in contact with your inner seductress, taking control of your world with the power of your beauty.

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