Eye Makeup Lengthening Lasting Thick Curling Mascaras Waterproof

  • $ 12.99

Product: 24-hour glam mascara 

Advantages: Quick Dry, easy to take off,  easy to makeup, lengthening and curling 


1. Mascara make eyelash nourish, lengthening and curling 

2. Formulation of non-smudge 

3. Warm water removing 

4. Make your eyelash thick, your eyes colossal; Create abundant beautiful eyelash! 

Net Weight: 7g 

Target User: Any skin health 


Gently turn the brush head, dip in proper paste,brush up in "Z" glyph way, gently spin eyelash, 

instant fine beauty roll become warped eyelash. 


1.DO NOT use on skin which is injured. 

2.Store in normal temperature, cover tightly after using written. 

3.Keep far away from children. 

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