Kambe Eyelashes No. 24

  • $ 17.99

- Includes 10 pairs of Kambe false eyelashes in every box.
- All false eye lashes are 100% hand assembled to provide a natural look and feel.

Dress up your lashes with our Kambe Eyelash set no. 24 to add volume, texture, and an even amount of fullness to your lashes. The crisscross lash style flares out at the tips for additional fullness and whimsy at the tips. This set of 10 lashes fills out the middle section of your eyes with fanning, opening lashes while underlying layers pump up and boost your look. We love how fun and youthful this set is because it puts a twist on the standard crisscross false lash style to open up and brighten your eyes with beautiful excitement.

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