Kambe Eyelashes No. 34 - Kambe-Lashes
Kambe Eyelashes No. 34 - Kambe-Lashes

Kambe Eyelashes No. 34

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- Includes 10 pairs of Kambe false eyelashes in every box.
- All false eye lashes are 100% hand assembled to provide a natural look and feel.
- FREE SHIPPING on USA orders.

Fine lashes with deep criss-crosses creates a little bit of volume and lots of length with a pointedly dramatic look. Finer hairs underneath fill in and add a little bit more volume as well. Bold and dramatic, these lashes would be an excellent asset for special events when you need to look your most glamorous and enticing. The long length of these lashes extends your own lash line creating the illusion of a dramatically more open eye which wows everyone who sees it. Combine these eyelashes with powerful liquid eyeliner and bold eye shadow. If you’re feeling a little frisky, choose brightly colored eye shadow.



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